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Wired Thermocouple Loggers

Available for applications requiring a minimum of channels, or all the way up to daisy-chaining several loggers together for in-depth process monitoring.


Fluke Netdaq

Model 2640A

The versatile Netdaq system offers flexible options for data collection and distribution, providing a direct replacement for older chart recorders.

Combine from one to twenty Netdaqs into an integrated system of up to 400 channels.

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Fluke Data Acquisition System

Model 2680A

The Fluke 2680 Series data acquisition systems combine the best of lab precision with the rugged flexibility required in rapidly changing industrial applications.

Seamlessly expand your system from 20 to more than 2,000 channels just by adding modules and chassis.

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FLUKE 2680a_001
FLUKE Hydra_001

Fluke Hydra III

Model 2638A

Precision, multi-channel data acquisition. Temperature-focused menu selections make the 2638A especially suitable for temperature validation applications.

Expandable from 22 to 66 channels of differential analogue inputs.

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Fluke Super-DAQ

Model 1586A

Scans and records temperature, dc voltage, dc current, and resistance for up to 40 input channels and scan speeds as fast as 10 channels per second.

The Super-DAQ can be configured for use as a multi-channel data logger in the factory or as a precision reference thermometer for benchtop sensor calibration in the lab.

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Keysight (Agilent) Data Logger

Model 34970A

The Keysight (Agilent) 34970A data acquisition control unit is a compact, economical, one-box solution for data logging, data acquisition, and general-purpose switching and control applications.

With slots for up to three 16 channel input boards.

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