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Validation Accessories

A range of consumables for process validation and monitoring, including brass and stainless steel entry glands and feedthrus, plus thermocouple cable of varying tips, cores and connections.


Thermocouple and Connectors

Hermetically sealed thermocouple cut to length, Teflon or Kapton tipped sensors, cable reels of various types. We provide a wide range of thermocouple cable.

Connectors are available as standard or miniature.

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Pressure Sensors

Gauge or absolute pressure with either threaded or TriClover connections. We provide a wide range of sensors of different accuracies.

Complemented with a range of accessories, including entry adaptors and hypodermics, plus sensor power supplies if required.

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Entry Fittings and Feedthrus

Threaded or TriClover connections. We provide a wide range of chamber entry glands, feedthrus, adaptors and extensions.

Available in brass or stainless steel, depending on your application.

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