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TQSoft Validation Software
21 CPR Part 11 Compliant

TQSoft is a leading validation software that works with most leading data acquisition and calibration equipment, and configurable for most thermal validation requirements.
Integrating with IPReport to make validation reporting quick and efficient.

Security & 21CFR Part 11 Compliance

Security & 21CFR Part 11 Compliance

  • Login window with ID & password
  • Password timeout & Renew
  • Electronic Signatures on Reports
  • Security Data is encrypted
  • Complete Audit Trail detailing Change History
  • Complete Audit Archive & Retrieve Changes Option
  • Security Management Window
  • Operator Profile Management
  • Operator Timeout & Password length & timeout Controls
  • Data Files Tamper Proofing

Calibration & Calibration Checking

  • Select calibration file to store results
  • Select channel groups for calibration
  • Allow a test to use sensors calibrated in different groups
  • User managed calibration stability and set point profile
  • Automatic calibration option with automated stability analysis procedure
  • Calibration progress monitor window with adjustable reference temperature for manual calibration
  • Abort option
  • Detailed comprehensive calibration reports stored & archived with management window
  • Automatic management of calibration files. Test records are automatically assigned all relevant calibration reports for sensors used.
  • Out of specification channels highlighted and when used in a test automatically set to defective
  • Automatic management of calibration checking files. Test records are automatically assigned all relevant check reports for sensors used
Calibration & Calibration Checking
Test Specifications

Test Specifications

  • Allow user to create unlimited Test Specification files
  • Allow new file to start with copy of existing one
  • Calculations tab allows setup of calculations based on each row of data
  • Lethality tab allows configuration of lethality calculations
  • Probe selection allowing location entry
  • Setup of stages for manual entry during the test
  • Setup of parameter specific to logger selected
  • Test Specification file is copied to test record for access historically as Test Detail
  • Historic changes do not affect Test Specifications on Setup menu
  • Test records have Test Setup report of Test Specification parameters
  • Historic tests can be re-analysed after fully audited changes to historic test specification
  • Channels can be set or unset to or from defective state
  • Channels set as defective are not reported or included in any calculations


  • User configurable Interval Calculations
  • User managed list window
  • Allow I-Calc duplication
  • Allow I-Calc copy to another Test Specification
  • Select purpose of I-Calc:
    • Chart line
    • Stage or message insert
    • Continuous limit monitoring
    • Calculation on Interval
  • Select group of probes
Data list

The Data List

  • Highly detailed and configurable Data Listing option
  • Displays stages and I-Calc actions & results
  • Summary option allows data to be printed at intervals configured for each stage
  • Data List can be dragged & resized
  • Landscape or portrait option
  • Prints data in configurable colours according to value
  • If too many channels for one line, data is formatted to fit paper
  • All calculations can be shown
  • Electronic signature option

The Chart

  • Setup margins for printout
  • Setup range for each unit
  • Setup number of grid lines
  • Setup trace thickness
  • Real time chart all functions operational
  • Displays stages and I-Calc actions
  • Shows two vertical axis ranges, one temperature, the other non-temperature (any units)
  • Chart can be dragged & resized
  • Chart displays trace ID at customizable interval
  • Mouse pointer on chart shows values & time value at location
  • Data line option shows values & time at sliding line
  • Easy stage entry option at data line position
  • Zoom into any area and the zoom in again
  • Chart printout includes trace ID table
The Chart
Data Management & Archiving

Data Management & Archiving

  • Data Management window:
    • Allows selection of multiple Tests, Calibration records, Calibration Check records, or user configuration files
    • For user configuration files user can further select the type of files
    • Report on space requirement
    • Allows selection of drive or network location for copy target
    • Stores an ID on the target
    • Reports space available on target
    • Allows selected files to be copied and or deleted
  • Archive window allows:
    • Target drive or network location selection
    • Automatic archiving option at end of test or calibration
    • Real time archiving as test is being logged
    • Start button for archive process
    • Shows progress of archive process
  • When archiving only changed or new files are transferred

Chamber Records Database

  • User managed database of equipment or facilities tested with custom fields
  • Select machine for each test
  • Information automatically copied to test records
  • Filter records
Chamber Records Database
Test Equipment Database

Test Equipment Database

  • Store all information on Test Equipment in database allowing selectable serial numbers.
  • Test equipment information automatically copied to calibration reports

Channel Configurations

  • Allows multiple channel configurations selected on user managed names
  • Automatically configures most loggers
  • Select Input Type
  • Select Chart Colour
  • Select Units, Decimal Places
  • User managed channel names
word cloud
Running a test

Running a Test

  • Selection of Test Specification
  • Entry of Job reference
  • Entry of cycle number
  • Selection of machine or facility being tested
  • Custom entries are available

Real Time Display

  • Real time display window shows all values as soon as received from logger
  • Includes time above temperature, lethality, correlation etc.
  • Shows time elapsed, current stage, elapsed stage time
Real time display2
Test Merge Feature

The Test Merge Feature

  • Data from different kinds of logger can be merged into a new test record
  • Specify how time differences are handled
  • Specify a Test Specification to use for the new merged test record
  • Select data from any number of tests and select specific channels to merge
  • Auto selection feature on matching sensor locations

The Stages Window

  • Stages window allows editing of file containing all possible stages, test specification stage list, or test record stage list
  • Allows alteration of ‘interval’ setting for each stage
  • Allows stages to be added from list of all possible stages
  • Allows stages to be removed
  • Allows user to manually enter the times of stages
  • In real time mode allows the next stage in the test specification list to be manually added
The Stages Window