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Pressure Sensors

Gauge or absolute pressure with either threaded or TriClover connections. We provide a wide range of sensors of different accuracies.


Industrial Pressure Sensors

Pressure transducers and transmitters in a variety of formats.

Designed with quality, endurance and stability in mind these products are available from 10mbar through to 6000 Bar.

Threaded or TriClover connections available.

Pressure Transducer5

High Accuracy Pressure Sensors

High accuracy pressure transmitters with an accuracy of ±0.05%.

Suitable for a wide range of applications.

Threaded or TriClover connections available.

Pressure Sensor Accessories

Our range of pressure sensors is complemented by a range of accessories.

  • Straight or curled Hypodermics
  • Entry Fittings and connectors
  • Power Supply Units
pres accessories