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Fluke Netdaq On-site Troubleshooting

Fluke Netdaq does not connect to TQSoft the most likely issue is an incorrect IP address or IP address conflict

  • Check your computer IP address is set to
  • Restart both your computer and datalogger to clear any conflict
  • Ensure the Ethernet cable has a good connection at both ends – you can check your Network Connections, which should read ‘unknown network’ when connected

Thermocouple marked as ‘OFF’

  • Although it may appear to be a logger issue, if a thermocouple has failed calibration, TQSoft may mark it as OFF so it cannot be used. Resetting the calibration offsets and recalibration should resolve this.
  • Thermocouple has gone open circuit due to damage/corrosion

Spiking thermocouples

  • Check the Netdaq is set to 50Hz
  • Check/move earthing of the datalogger
  • Check for interference from nearby laptop power supplies etc.
  • Insulate thermocouple tips if they are touching metal surfaces (e.g. wall of the autoclave)
  • Disconnect the pressure transducer (a metal to metal connection with the autoclave). If this resolves the issue immediately the autoclave has a bad earth – a short term solution is to insulate the connection, but an electrician needs to look at the autoclave.

No display/Netdaq doesn’t turn on

  • The Netdaq has a slow acting internal fuse, which may have blown. This can be replaced by the user (although this may void warranty), but care should be taken to use the correct fuse. Although the fuse has prevented a power surge from damaging the logger, this can often be avoided by turning the logger off correctly (using the power switch at the rear of the unit rather than at the plug socket).

Probe reads -327.67

  • If a probe is open circuit, this will be displayed as -327.67 in TQSoft. The probe should be remade and recalibrated.