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Paul Ward

Technical Director

A member of the Isopharm team since 1999, Paul has been involved in most areas of the company's growth, gathering a wealth of process validation knowledge over the years.

Dave Brighton

Dave Brighton

Technical Sales & Support Manager

With over 10 years experience in decontamination process validation at Isopharm, Dave is a regular contact for CP(D)'s and AP(D)'s looking for a point of view.


Matthew Hardy

Technical Sales & Support Engineer

A familiar voice on the telephone for our system clients looking for support, Matthew ensures that client investment in our systems provides the maximum benefit.


Scott Weldon

Technical Sales & Support Engineer

With a wealth of programming knowledge, Scott assists our clients with validation report template design to a variety of guidance and standards, or for specific site requirements.


Emma Jeffs

Customer Services Manager

Emma, along with her team, looks after the logistics of system supply and ensures that testing consumables meet client engineers on site.