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IPReports Validation & Audit Reporting Software

Quality Reports in Less Time

Report Template Library with Selectable Standards

Report Template Library with Selectable Standards

Maintain a single standardised template library, but change the testing standard with the touch of a button

The template will automatically change all references to standards as well as Pass/fail criteria based on the document that you select.

Not Just Thermometric Data

Complete your entire report within IPReports, not just thermometric process data.

Report templates contain manual sections such as safety tests, protein tests, soil tests and visual test results. Images and pdf imports can also be included, as well as the thermometric data, charts, and calculations.

Not Just Thermometric Data
Data Management & Archiving

Report Export feature

Report export allows easy emailing of test report pdf's and archiving of TQSoft test data.

Exchange test data with colleagues or clients also using the software, or simply back up on a server to prevent loss of data.

Preventing Human Error

Data is imported directly from TQSoft and calculations are automated.

Reports cannot be printed as completed documents unless all sections are finished.

Calculations are performed automatically, meaning engineers do not have to remember complex equations, such as Lethality, Hottest/Coldest, Fluctuation etc.

Copy/paste errors are also mitigated as sections complete automatically.

Preventing Human Error
Report Standardisation

Report Standardisation

IPReports provides standardisation of style and report layout for companies with multiple engineers.

The report cover page is customisable with your company logo, with company colours applied throughout your report.

Automation of Summaries, Indexes, and Cycle Lists

IPReports saves you time, and prevents human error, by removing the need to cross reference cycle numbers throughout the report. This is all done automatically for you.

An Index page with hyperlinks and page numbers is also automatically created, and makes finding sections in the report easy after it has been printed to pdf.

Automation of Summaries, Indexes, and Cycle Lists
Paperless Reports

Paperless Reports

Your reports can be digitally signed and exported as an encrypted PDF, allowing for the delivery of reports without the need for printing.

Sections marked 'N/A' however are not printed, making reports appear tidier and helping to prevent questions from auditors as to why test sections have not been completed.

Import Images

Images can be imported from any source available to your PC (e.g. memory card, smart phone etc,) directly into your report.

Images can then be resized and cropped using the software image editor.

Photos are time and date stamped from the images' own file information.


Sign Your Report On-Screen

Signature fields within your report allow you and your client to sign a report on site using either touch screen or mouse pad, removing the need to have an image of the your signature.

This also makes the report tamper proof, as the signature is removed if any changes are made to the body of the report.

Import Cycle Receipts

To save time and create a tidy and truly paperless report, cycle data tickets can be imported directly into IPReports from the Securilog datalogger.

This means that reports do not need to have numerous individual cycle receipts manually attached to your already lengthy documents.