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Fluke 2640A Netaq Data Logger

The versatile Netdaq system offers flexible options for data collection and distribution, providing a direct replacement for older chart recorders.


Fluke NetDAQ

Expandable system

From 20 to 2000 analogue channels

High accuracy readings

Up to 0.01 %

High throughput

To support up to 100 ch/sec

Distributed Design

Enables multiple users to view data remotely with standard browsers

Modern Approach to Data Logging

Replaces chart recorders

View current, temperature, voltage, and more on the same screen at the same time. You can also monitor several units simultaneously making it ideal for small-to-medium sized equipment monitoring, product testing, and process validation applications.

A NetDAQ unit can also be used as a portable dedicated system connected to a notebook computer for maintenance, product validation, research, and troubleshooting applications.


Technical Specifications

DC Volts 90 mV to 150/300 V 0.3 µV to 1 mV 0.01%
AC Volts 300 mV to 150/300 V 10 µV to 10 mV 0.3%
Resistance 300 Ω to 3 MΩ 1 mΩ to 10 Ω 0.015%
Frequency 15 Hz to 1 MHz 0.01 Hz to 100 Hz 0.05%
RTD (Pt100) -200 to 600ºC 0.003 ºC 0.06 ºC
J -100 ºC to 760 ºC 0.02 ºC 0.35 ºC
K -100 ºC to 1372 ºC 0.02 ºC 0.4 ºC
T -100 ºC to 400 ºC 0.02 ºC 0.3 ºC
Other Thermocouple types R, S, B, C, E, N

¹ Total instrument accuracy for 90 days following calibration and ambient temperature range of 18 to 28 °C. Includes A/D errors, linearization conformity, initial calibration error, isothermality errors, reference junction conformity and power line voltage effects within the range from 107 V ac to 264 V ac.