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Data Acquisition

We provide data acquisition systems that utilise either wired or wireless loggers, or depending on your application, even a mixture of both.


Wireless Loggers

A range of wireless loggers for an extensive range applications, providing process validation data, continuous monitoring and also alarm activation.

Wireless loggers provide easy process mapping without the need to insert thermocouples from an external source, particularly important for applications where chamber integrity is critical.

Equipped with many useful features and options such as thermal shields, flexible probes, LED displays, stainless steel or titanium enclosures, depending upon which model you choose.

Our systems include temperature loggers from global manufacturers such as Madgetech, TMI Orion and Gemini for temperature, pressure and humidity.

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Wired Thermocouple Loggers

Still the best option for real-time process mapping. Our range of benchtop loggers from global manufacturers are available for applications requiring a minimum of channels, or all the way up to daisy-chaining several loggers together for in-depth process monitoring.

Our partners include Fluke and Hewlett Packard, with a range of wired data logging solutions for a multitude of data acquisition requirements.

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