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Cropping and Splitting Cycle Data with TQSoft Version 6

TQSoft v6 allows you to Crop your Test Data giving you more control over what you need.You can remove any extraneous data quickly and easily with this method

A quick and safe method of shortening Test Data in just Three Clicks!

TQSoft version 6 allows you to remove extraneous data from the start and end of a cycle using the ‘Crop Data’ feature. For Example, when TQSoft is logging data overnight.


Cropping Your Data

Move the ‘start cycle’ and ‘end cycle’ stage lines to the required time using either ‘Enter Stage’ or dragging the stage line on the chart display.

Select ‘Current Test’, then ‘Crop Data’, and ‘Crop on cycle start cycle complete’

Data recorded from before the cycle started and after the cycle completed stage lines will be removed from the data source, giving you only the cycle data required.

To find out more about Cropping Data contact Isopharm on
+44 (0)114 3540138

Splitting Your Cycles

You can also split a cycle once complete into multiple distinct charts (and data files) using the 'Crop and Split' function.

Place your 'Cycle Complete' Stage Line at the end of the first cycle, select 'Current Test', then 'Crop Data', and 'Crop and Split after Cycle Complete'.

Data recorded after 'Cycle Complete' will then be removed from the original cycle. A new file will be created with the same name and the suffix '_s1': if cropped again this number will increment.

To find out more about Splitting Cycles contact Isopharm on +44 (0)114 3540138


Upgrade to TQSoft v7

Existing users can get a heavily discounted price for an upgrade to TQSoft v7.

To find out how to upgrade E-mail us at:


Or contact Isopharm on:

+44 (0) 114 3540138